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We have decided to close Grand City Station indefinitely. We love you!

Your Invitation to Follow Jesus.

Jesus’ first invitation to anyone was to “follow him.” The original disciples of Jesus didn’t know everything (or anything!) about him before they started to follow him, literally leaving everything of their lives behind, but by choosing to follow Jesus they were brought into a way of life where the Kingdom of God was experienced.

Through their experience of following him, seeing him, listening to him, and being loved by him, they began to recognize that he was their Messiah, the savior that the world had been waiting for.

The historical story culminates when Jesus is crucified on a cross, was buried in a tomb, and 3 days later rises from the dead and appears to his disciples and to more than 500 other followers!

He commissions his Church to “go and make disciples.” Learners. Followers. Apprentices of Jesus. People who will know eternal life has been given to them because he has paid the price for our sins to be forgiven and fully reconciled our relationship with God, restoring us to his eternal life.

Maybe you will consider following Jesus? Learn to live your life in the Kingdom of God. After all, He is the way, the truth, and the life.

Making Grand Forks even better

We love Grand Forks and it’s people but we believe better things are in store for our community. We consistently volunteer in Grand Forks and work with others to bring about positive changes. You might even see us volunteering in your neighborhood, so come say hi or even join us. We love being involved in the community but we mainly do it because we believe it is what our Savior, Jesus, would have us do.  We meet together each Sunday to learn more about Him through biblically based teaching and music.  We even have family ministries, young adult ministries, youth ministries, and children’s ministries to help people hear understandable and age appropriate messages.  Best of all, you will find a place that you belong at Grand City Station.  We welcome in all people, no matter their circumstances or beliefs and when you want to go even deeper, join one of our small groups to find friends who will really care about you.

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