A Life Community, or LifeCom for short, is a “micro-church” consisting of 6-12 people that meet together regularly for the purpose of becoming more like Christ in our HEAD (thoughts/beliefs), HEART (character/compassion), and HANDS (serving/sharing).
 Relationship Driven

Most people have a lot of shallow relationships, but not a lot of deep friendships. LifeComs are intended for you to journey through life together with a small band of people that are headed in the same direction. Relationships are the glue that hold us through tough times.

People that can:

  • Share your joys, sorrows, and burdens.
  • Support you through the ups and downs of life.
  • Shape and sharpen you to become more like Christ.
 Sermon based

In a world of constant overwhelming input, the “curriculum” for LifeCom gatherings is not “just one more thing” competing with a bunch of other things for attention in your already capacity-filled brain. Rather, the content is simply a discussion centered around the Scriptures and themes from the weekly message. Instead of having one more thing to study and prepare for, you are enabled to ruminate on the message all week long and have the opportunity to discuss and apply it with others. Additionally, if you have children, they will also be learning the same “Big Idea” at their age-appropriate level, which equips families to continue the conversation at home every week.


Ultimately, the goal of LifeComs is not just to be here for our own good and the good of those in our group, but for the good of the wider community in which we live. Therefore, each LifeCom will adopt a “mission(s)” in the community that they will continuously serve, support, and pray for. This mission should be determined by each LifeCom’s unique passions and gifts and how they feel they can best bless the community.

The FAQs

How are LifeComs like and/or different from a “traditional” small group?

Traditional small groups typically form around a study of a particular topic or book for the purpose of learning information. LifeComs form around friendships for the purpose of helping each other grow and blessing the wider community. Whereas traditional small groups tend to limit relationships to the small group meeting, LifeComs are friends who “do life” together by intentionally meeting and serving together.

Who can lead a LifeCom?

Since LifeComs are intended to be “micro-churches,” leaders are considered to be “shepherds” and must be either a spiritual young adult or spiritual parent in the developmental stages of discipleship. LifeCom Leaders are expected to take ownership of the vision of their group, making sure that members are properly cared for and the group stays on mission.

What if I want to lead my own LifeCom?

We encourage all spiritual young adults and spiritual parents to lead their own LifeCom. Besides exhibiting the spiritual maturity consistent with young adults and parents, anyone wishing to become a LifeCom leader must first apprentice under a current leader for a minimum of 6 months.

How do I join a LifeCom?

There are two ways to get started: 1) receive a personal invitation to join an existing LifeCom by a current member or 2) join a new LifeCom that is just forming during “open enrollment.”

How often and long do LifeComs meet for?

Each LifeCom determines when, where, and how often they will meet. LifeComs meet continuously throughout the year with no official end date, but groups are always welcome to take periodic breaks upon mutual agreement of the members.

Can I choose who’s in my LifeCom?

Yes. And no. Existing LifeComs are welcome and encouraged to personally invite new people into their community as long as they don’t exceed 12 members. You cannot, however, choose who’s not in your LifeCom.

Can children participate in a LifeCom?

Absolutely! Children are valuable members of the community. Each LifeCom can decide for itself to what extent they wish to involve children in their gatherings.